• Exclusive Transportation
    for your Furry Family

    Individual, private service anywhere in the continental United States.
  • One Pet Family
    at a Time

    Your pet family gets a private car to themselves.
  • For All Your
    Pet Family Members

    We'll transport all mammals and reptiles size Great Dane and smaller.
  • Special Care
    for Special Needs Pets

    Welcoming your talkative, anxious, medication-taking, or other needs pets.
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  • Door-to-door private pet transportation and moving.

    We drive your pet family safely and securely in their own car: No mixing pet families, no detours, no other pickups or drop-offs. Your pets are our one and only focus.
  • The most stress-free transportation for your pets.

    Your pets enjoy periodic breaks from the car to move around and have the comfort of sleeping indoors in a pet-friendly hotel with us in the room.
  • Peace of mind for you and your pets!

    We make it easy for you to track our progress transporting your fuzzy family: Mobile route tracking will show you exactly where we are any time you want to check. We take periodic photos to show you your pet is relaxed, happy, and cared for. And we're quick to return your calls or texts when we're not driving.
  • How My VIPuppy transport compares with pet transport by airlines in terms of your pets' bodily safety, emotional well-being, and schedule.
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  • Your Pet Family is Our Pet Family

    We treat your pets the way you'd treat your pets: with attention, affection, regular playtime, constant companionship, and care for their special needs.
  • Enjoy the Pictures!

    We'll be sending you photos of how happy your pet family is during the trip, so you won't have to wonder or worry how they're doing.
  • Nervous Pets Welcome!

    If your pet gets nervous around larger animals or needs comfort when things are unfamiliar, we'll be that safe, caring presence. Your pets won't have to deal with any unfamiliar animals around because we don't mix pet families.
  • No Scary Nights Alone

    Is it a long trip? We check into pet-friendly hotels and bring your pet family into the room to stay with us, where we can give them attention, care, and reassurance.
  • Plenty of Playtime!

    Your pets get frequent, periodic stops to use the bathroom and stretch their legs so they're most comfortable and relaxed. And we love playtime with them, too!
  • Special Needs Welcome

    We'll take the best care of your special needs pets, and welcome your fuzzy family members who are on medication, have special bathroom needs, are talkative, get nervous, or need other extra help. We're here to serve!
  • How My VIPuppy transport compares with pet transport by typical ground services to keep your pet safer, more relaxed, happy, and on time.
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  • Pet Snake Transportation

    If your pet family includes or consists of snakes, we're experienced in their care and are happy to transport them with the same attentiveness and care. We never transport two families of pets in the same vehicle, so you can be assured of every pet's comfort and safety.

My VIPuppy Gallery

The friendly, fuzzy faces of some of our favorite pet clients!
  • Play Breaks

    We make your pet's move fun!
  • Cat, Kitten, Kitten

    Your furry family members are transported in a private vehicle with no other pets, so you can be assured of the safety of even the most vulnerable and precious pets.
  • Calm

    Your move is hard enough on you; make it stress-free on your pets.
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