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  • Air Transport for Pets
  • No transportation if low temperatures are greater than 70 degrees in any 10-day window because too many pets die from heat on the tarmac.
  • No transportation if high temperatures are lower than 30 degrees because too many pets freeze to death.
  • No transportation for bully-type breeds because too many dogs die from belabored respiration under difficult environmental conditions.
  • Our Service
  • Safe transportation regardless of outdoor temperatures because your pet family is in our private, climate-controlled vehicle under our immediate supervision.
  • Safe transportation for any breed of dog because we impose no hazards on your pet family members.
  • Ground Transport for Pets
  • 10-day delivery window by cargo truck.
  • Indirect service picks up and drops off multiple pets from multiple locations in an extended route.
  • Pets stay crated in van surrounded by other unknown animals while operator stays in a hotel.
  • Questionable relief breaks for pets: Most commit to stopping every 3 hours, but if 15 dogs are in the truck and require 10 minutes of time out of the crate each, the math does not work out.
  • Our Service
  • Delivery on exact day scheduled by passenger vehicle.
  • Direct, door-to-door route minimizes your pets' time in transit because we are not picking up or dropping off any other pets.
  • Your furry family members check into a pet-friendly hotel and stay in the room with us, where we can comfort and respond to them.
  • Guaranteed break every three hours. With only your pet family in the car, we have no problem giving them the play breaks they deserve. Plus you can track us with your mobile device, and we'll send you pictures.

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